Are you ready to transform your life?

I can help you with that.

Coaching with me — in its simplest essence, the art of powerful, life-changing conversations — facilitates powerful, breathtaking transformation.

Coaching isn’t about ‘chatting’ or ‘hanging out’. It’s therapeutic, but not therapy. It’s not a bootcamp.

When I coach you, we have an accountable (and yes, often uncomfortable) soulful conversation. I hold your heart while never buying into the limiting stories you tell yourself.

These conversations, if you give yourself fully to them, have the power to transform your life.

Coaching will challenge you to fully own your power. And your voice, your place in the world, your talents and your dreams.

Coaching demands that you play bigger in your life. You’re going to have to get in the arena in ways you never have done before. You will be challenged to show up more powerfully than you ever have.

You will get vulnerable. I will dare you to reveal the parts of yourself that you believe to be unacceptable. You’ll be given the opportunity to change your mind about yourself.  You’ll practice getting comfortable with uncertainty and embracing the messy fact of being alive.

You will be uncomfortable. I will not collude with you. I will invite you to live a brave, heart-led, emotionally vulnerable yet responsible life. Leave now if you’re unwilling to feel.

You will relinquish an entire way of thinking and being. You will begin to feel more alive than you have done in years.

You will become the leader you are supposed to be. You are powerful. You secretly know this, don’t you? You might be misusing your power or minimising it right now, but with each conversation that matters you have with me, you’ll step into your life deliberately and intentionally, and you will walk your talk in a whole new way.

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My promise to you? Do this and you will


You’ll reap the rewards….

  • Before we are done working together, you will feel more alive, connected and joyful in your everyday life.
  • Your relationships will feel more intimate and real.
  • Your daily life will feel more purposeful and meaningful.
  • You will be having more fun!
  • You will feel less fear, anxiety and shame.
  • You’ll feel braver.
  • You’ll stop living in your ‘enough‘ list and will be rooted more and more in your ‘more‘ list.
  • You’ll know how to communicate powerfully, accountably and authentically.
  • You’ll have developed a set of tools and skills that will serve you for years, even decades to come.
  • And who knows: you might even have made major changes to your external life.
  • But it’s what you are LIVING from the inside out that really makes the difference.

You will have changed your life.

How you can work with me:

There are three ways to work with me:

  1. A single deep coaching conversation: Just one coaching conversation can be life-changing. You, me, 120 minutes of powerfully held S P A C E for you to reflect, express and commit to your relationship with yourself, others and your life. Book a complimentary 30 minute call with me here.
  2. Longer term coaching: There are seasons of our lives when we need deeper, more ongoing support. If you are ready to create and experience change in a more ongoing way, this six month coaching package can provide the container within which you radically change your life from the inside out. Book a complimentary 30 minute call with me here.
  3. ACIM community: A Course In Miracles is a self-study metaphysical text that teaches us how to relinquish a thought system based on fear and return to the Love that is at our core. It can be hard and lonely studying it alone. In my amazing online community, I translate the Course into accessible, down-to-earth terms so that you can not only study these teachings but can actually live them. To find out more drop me a note.

What I bring to the coaching relationship:

Deep, fearless coaching: I thank Rich Litvin for giving me the words to articulate how I coach. We go deep. We get real. It’s not always comfortable. But it is liberating.

Vulnerable leadership: I bring my whole humanity to coaching and will share my vulnerability and my strength, if and when it will serve you. I also practice vulnerable leadership through daring to ask uncomfortable questions and say things that might be uncomfortable to hear. I do this because I have a commitment to…

Service, not people pleasing: I want to support you to transform any mistaken beliefs that you carry about yourself on as deep a level as possible, so that you can have a powerful experience of remembering who you really are and see that in your life, anything is possible. That most of the time, the person holding you back is you.

I want to help you truly honour your experiences and your story, but I won’t buy into your self-limiting stories. I want to help you transform your understanding of what everything in your life is for, the purpose that is hidden amongst even your greatest struggles. I want to serve you and my commitment is simple: no people pleasing.

Fun: If you are up for it, there is so much fun to be had… I am really good at playing nowadays.

Love: There is no part of you that you cannot bring to our sessions. There is nothing you cannot unearth, explore, reveal or feel. Yes, there are boundaries around what is acceptable in terms of safety, but I promise you this: you will have a soft place to land with me.

Fearless emotions: I am not afraid of emotion. I believe it is harmful to repress emotions. I also observe that many of us received very clear messages about what is and is not acceptable in terms of feeling and expressing emotion. That doesn’t mean you need to act or pretend to feel, or that there is any expectation that you will feel. On the contrary; you have permission to be exactly where you are without having to hide, change or ‘fix’ it. And over time, you might find your relationship to feeling changing.

What I require from the people I work with:

I only work with clients who are willing to step fully into their lives: the inner life, and the outer one. People who want deep insight and are committed to powerful action, no matter what.

For us to be a good fit, you need to be:

  • hungry to be fully alive
  • willing to do the inner and outer work
  • committed – willing to show up to this process like it really, really matters
  • self-aware
  • ready to relinquish your loyalty to a fear-based thought system and learn a new way of being.

In addition…

  • You may have done a fair amount of inner work already.
  • You are soulful, sensitive, brave and creative. You feel things deeply. You ask big questions about life. You yearn for a life that matters. You love to read. You love being in nature. You love music. You crave intimacy with yourself, others and Life, even though it scares you.
  • And most of all, you feel a readiness, perhaps even an urgency. You know that even though you could carry on as you have been, you really don’t want to.

If you’re opposed to or not open-minded about spirituality, I’m probably not the right coach for you.

For the kind of lasting change and transformation that my ideal clients are looking for to occur, deep commitment is required. I am not the coach for everyone.

I offer deep commitment to you as your coach and look for that same deep commitment in return.

It starts with you choosing one of the three options below (click an image or see below).

fully alive  the unlived life

Not sure about either of these? Let’s arrange a 30 minute conversation first: