About Julia

oh Julia... Julia Fehrenbacher is a poet, a writer and an artist who is passionate about stepping into the most alive, awake her she can be, and guiding others to the same.

Julia is a mommy to two little lights, Marielle and Lily.  She writes poetry, she paints, she is the author of the book, On the Other Side of Fear. She is passionate about whittling things down to their essence, letting go of all that no longer serves her and connecting deeply with herself & others.

It is Julia’s deepest desire to step into–fully, powerfully, unapologetically all of who she is – to crack wide open all that stands in the way of true truth and true love.  It is her hope that as she flails around a bit, as she removes the excess–as she shows up and thrives, she might inspire you to the same.

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nb: Julia and I use some grown up language in this episode so you may want to be mindful about who else is listening.

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Work miracles with Julia

The YES Movement is for women who are ready, really and truly ready, to say a big, brave, naked YES to that thing stamped into your bones, that thing that won’t stop calling your name. Or, if you’re not sure what that thing is yet, it’s about peeling off the layers of heavy that hides the brilliance.

It’s about, in Jeff Foster’s words:  A deep and ancient calling, to radically open up, to embrace both the pain and the joy of life. To include whatever burns today in one big YES. 

Pushing nothing away. Saying YES to it all just as it is. Saying YES to all of YOU, just as you are.
Find out more about The YES Movement and connect with Julia here: www.paintedpath.org
Julia’s gorgeous art is available over on Etsy.

From the podcast: a few of Julia’s favourite things

How Julia starts her day: When I can stop hitting snooze, I get up early. I pray, sit, listen to a beautiful guided meditation that I love, I draw + use art as a meditative practice. At times I’ll do some yoga or stretching. Just taking time before everybody else gets up and just sitting is huge.

Spirituality practice: Coming back to now again and again. And gratitude – remembering what is good in my life is a practice I try to do every day.

Creativity practice: Painting: the practice of letting myself create + show up, not needing it to be good.

Relationship practice: Coming back to the moment. Being there, being present, being truthful.

Must read book: Tiny Beautiful Things‘ by Cheryl Strayed

Song/Music: Let Her Go‘ by Passenger

Julia’s parting message:

Be you. Be all of who you are. Don’t hold back.