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Episode Directory

Episodes are listed in reverse chronological order, with the newest episode first. Happy listening!

049: If everything is connected, then what?

048: Jen Smith on shame, failure, entrepreneurship and creativity (part 1)

047: Do what is easy and life becomes hard. Do what is hard and life becomes easy {Elloa and Nige}

046: Di Ana Pisarri on being emotionally naked and turning family wounds into wisdom

045: Scrooge, Spiritual Awakening, and Lessons for a New Year {Elloa and Nige}

044: A Christmas Course In Miracles (part 1) {Elloa and Nige}

043: Mark J Silverman is terrified but doing it anyway: living a creative life, creating deep connections and using ADD as your compass

042: How to Study A Course in Miracles {Elloa and Nige}

041: Robin Oesterwind on why vulnerability is where all the magic happens, and coming out aged 41

040: Kyle Wood and the great taboo of cheating, rebuilding trust and male loneliness

039: Diana Malerba on the transformational power of acceptance

038: Toku left the music biz to become a zen buddhist – and it changed everything for him

037: Lana Shlafer is so full of herself

036: Alanna Blundo overcame debilitating anxiety and now teaches meditation and yoga

035: Nige Atkinson breaks the vow of male silence

034: Solo round — How I found God at 17 days clean

033: Anne-Sophie Reinhardt overcame life-threatening anorexia and learned to thrive as a mother and entrepreneur

032: Chandra Scott on how to experience your best, most connected life + business

031: Elina Puohiniemi on accessing a flow state as an artist, making art daily and being infinitely curious

030: Coach Hillary Rubin on why she deliberately chose motherhood aged 42

029: Dr Tammy Nelson on why the next generation of coaches need to balance vulnerable authenticity with boundaries

028: Marsha Shandur in her most candid interview ever: heartbreak, emigrating and solo marathons

027: Lauren Sergy, public speaking expert, feels most whole when she’s out there taking risks

026: Lisa Robbin Young redefines what it really means to be a successful online entrepreneur

025: Colleen Darby is revolutionising the role of art in healthcare and hospitals

024: Star Monroe brings it ALL in this real, raw, totally transparent interview

023: Ruth Fallon’s down to earth humour and wisdom is not to be missed

022: Erin DiAngelis on transforming her greatest struggle into her greatest gift

021: Susan-Jane Rome on self-love, healing, spirituality and recovery from addiction

020: Peter Sheath overcame heroin addiction and spoke at the United Nations

019: Duane O’Kane on suicide, clinical depression, the secret to overcoming the ego, and finding heaven in every moment

018: Fab Giovanetti doesn’t see breakdowns and breakthroughs the way others do

017: April Kline has only ever shared her dark night of the soul with three people – until now

016: Anna Sperlich sees beyond your behaviour to who you REALLY are

015: Fifi Scarlett is breaking the business rules – at 23 years old

014: Hollie Holden on perfectionism, motherhood and why her work is never done

013: Claudia Olivié completely reversed her debilitating autoimmune condition

012: Will Pye was diagnosed with a brain tumour and now travels the world teaching that in this, he was ‘blessed’

011: For Amy Jones, orgasmic meditation is a spiritual practice

010: Julia Fehrenbacher doesn’t want to be good. She wants to be real, messy, open and truly alive.

009: Viva Aikins – how being homeless led to her knowing she is never alone

008: Samantha Hannah, a well-known TV personality, crashed + burned – and then dared to speak about it publicly

007: Laura Viviana on grieving the end of a relationship, listening to the body and choosing pleasure first thing

006: Katie Kozlowski is healing a wound from third grade – will your friends reject you if you fully own how amazing you are?

005: John Ceniceros shares – for the first time – the story of his birth + how it has shaped him

004: Jo Grobbelaar’s rock bottom transformed her whole life

003: Catherine O’Kane reveals what we secretly suspect about ourselves

002: Carrie Brummer’s near death experience made her wake UP to life