The people I coach welcome me into their world for a while and we enter into a deep, transformative relationship, which is just about the most sacred thing two people can do. Here’s what a few of them have said.

Elloa is a divine curator of this wild, often messy life. She is an exquisite, divine, clear, rich, deep, funny, loving coach…

If you want to give yourself the most beautiful gift that will last a lifetime and change your life, just dive in with her. I’ve recommended her to many people.

Clare Campbell
I felt deeply connected to Elloa instantly. The coaching sessions I had with her were fantastic for me, I learnt big things about myself in just a few sessions! Elloa has a strong but gentle way about her in which you feel incredibly safe, and her ability to somehow truly see you is a beautiful thing. I trust her completely.

Elloa helped me see clearly my goal and everyday I am working towards that.

Jodine Barnes

During our session, you led me quickly to the heart of the issue. I never felt rushed or pressured, and you honored my process completely, but you were ready to move as rapidly and deeply as I was. Your questions and suggestions helped me to look back in time and truly connect with my younger self, to recognize in his experiences the seeds of some of my current challenges and limitations, and to, from my perspective today, acknowledge, honor, and in a sense release the suffering of, that younger me.

The process which was started in our conversation continues to resonate and expand in my life. In fact, some time later, I experienced a massive breakthrough which has profoundly impacted my way of understanding my place in the universe. This breakthrough is directly connected to the work that we did together, and I feel that you helped prepare the soil for one of the most important realizations of my life.

Elloa, though we barely know one another in the usual way, I feel like I have a deep and profound sense of who you are. Through our conversations, and the things that you write and say online, I have come to see you as a rare and special being. I see in you a gentle, but unyielding, commitment to being yourself absolutely, and a powerful willingness to share yourself openly with the world. Your love shines through in everything that you do.

Greg Carter
Elloa Atkinson is the most amazing, inspiring, supportive and FUN coach I’ve ever met, a beautiful person, and a really gifted teacher. Elloa gently guides you to break through your fears and limiting beliefs, and connect with who you really are and what are meant to bring into this world.

Working with Elloa is awesome, and by the way, when I say work I don’t mean any kind of effort, or forcing, or convincing yourself of anything… “working” with Elloa is all of the opposite: fun, inspiring, engaging, very gentle, and yet real deep and empowering.

If anywhere in your life fear is holding you back, highly, highly, recommend her Fearless Expression program and coaching. For me it was just life changing!

See, just a month and a half ago I was at a very yucky place in my life. My marriage was falling apart, I was a grumpy mom, in physical pain, not inspired to do creative work… I felt lost and angry, and didn’t know what to do. I wanted to hide.

Then some sort of Divine guidance brought me to Elloa’s website and I signed up the Fearless Expression Challenge. And what an amazing journey! Not only did I get to come out of my comfort zone and do/experience things I’d never imagine myself doing, I did it with an exceptional group of people that made me feel safe, supported, and inspired, even in the hardest moments.

There were many great conversations, good laughs, some good cries too. And I learned SO much about myself, my true values and desires, and how to nurture my Self on everyday basis so I can live and give authentically from a full tank.

I know now that I CAN make different choices, as a mom, as a wife, in my work, health, spirituality… everywhere. And I wake up every day looking forward to be present and live my life fully.

So, YES, I am happy to tell, in just a few weeks my life went from yucky to YUMMY, juicy and exciting! and I know it would have never in a million years happened without Elloa’s mentoring and support. Thank you my dear Ell from the bottom of my heart.

Cecilia Soto-Lobo
My session with Elloa helped me to make a genuine connection to my self and helped me to feel what was underneath my mask. I have not cried like that in ages. It was so healing and has left a lasting impact.

Thank you for getting right to the heart of me, being with me and being witness to helping me make those corrections.

Valerie Curry
This time last year felt like a bad time of my life. Little did I know it was the beginning of something beautiful.

I had a gorgeous flat in central London, a job that was paying me money I had never seen in my life, a group of supportive friends and was coming up to 2 years clean and sober. Internally however something was happening I didn’t quite understand. My foundations were falling apart and I was changing at a rapid speed internally. My life did not match who I was anymore.

The thing is, I didn’t know WHO I was. Friends and family would tell me to snap out of it and I had every reason to be grateful. The thing is, I really wasn’t.

I would pray day and night. I knew this had nothing to do with ‘addiction’ or depression or any other name people wanted to give me. I knew absolutely God was showing me another way. I just didn’t know which way.

Around this time I came across Elloa. I don’t know why but something about her drew me towards her and one day I plucked up the courage to send her a FB message and ask if I could call her.

She said yes and we spoke for well over an hour. I knew she could help me. Months later I signed up for her coaching package.

She invited me to see things differently. When I said I couldn’t do certain things she asked me why. She challenged all my internal conditioned belief systems. She listened to me when I said this was more than just addictive personality discontent. She understood the 12 steps as she works them herself.

She questioned my belief of who I was and she empowered me to listen to MYSELF.

Without her I would never have had the courage to forget my idea of getting a mortgage at that time, to leave my job and travel America. I would never have done two of the life changing workshops I did and I would never now be a trained HYL workshops leader.

I began to believe the universe was a friendly place and I didn’t need to play it ‘safe’ all the time.
A year later I am at such peace with myself, love myself, and feel the most free I’ve ever felt. The decisions I made were scary but now I work as a locum warning twice as much as I earnt last year with the ability to work part time.

I have started my own business on the side and I have travelled 4 times this year.

But it’s not the external but the internal that has made such a difference to my life. I am free today. Free from the bondage of what others think and how I fit into this world. Today I know my place. And I know my value. I absolutely honour my differences and know myself to be a light in this world.

For someone who grew up in foster care surrounded by emotional physical and sexual abuse this is nothing short of a miracle.

Nicola Francis
I’d had some bad experiences with coaches before working with Elloa, so I felt cautious, but she seemed genuinely kind and I wanted to know more about ACIM.

After working with her, I truly understand how hard I am on myself so I try to be kinder and let go. I’m also better at choosing what matters and what doesn’t, especially with my son. I’m not as hard on him and am more present and loving. I’ve also started to study A Course In Miracles.

I most enjoyed Elloa’s loving presence. No agenda. She was there for me and it made a huge impact!

Myléne Devau
Elloa provided me with a giant freshly windexed mirror and reflected what she saw in me right back towards me. She managed to do this is a way where I, 110%, believed and trusted her.

Elloa created a deep sense of being held even while living on different continents. Through voice recordings, emails and Skype I felt as though Elloa was sitting right next to me in my living room giving me her full attention. She added a presence to my life that felt as though a long lost friend had come over for a visit.

Juliana Herlaar
What a healing, powerful and transformative experience your course was. 21 days to see relationships differently, you suggested, and to my amazement, I really have started to see relationships differently.

I have done so much ‘work’ in this area, and it’s true that you only hear the message when you’re ready to, but in a sea of courses that claim to get you one step closer to ‘the one’, your voice was fresh and inspiring. It wasn’t just a course on how to remove obstacles to meeting that special someone, but a course in how to remove obstacles to meeting our own hearts, that place from where all relationship flows.

Your willingness to share your own journey – warts, imperfections and heartfelt truths alike- opened me up to my own truths and gave me the courage to face the things that I fear most about myself in relationship; loss of self, tendency to criticise and withdraw… in other words, the darker side of myself that I hate confronting but which I am finding out is not so ‘evil’ after all.

I feel ready to enter into life with a more open heart, and more realistic views on what a romantic relationship is and isn’t, and that is a precious gift.

Liz Frances Hobbs
Elloa a gifted creator of sacred space. She brought together a group of people who had never met previously, and everyone was so open and vulnerable from the very beginning because Elloa set the stage and made it safe. Elloa really cares about people. She is a cheerleader, an incredible listener and a gifted teacher.
Jackie Johnstone
Elloa is so easy to work with. Her attitude and grace are present in everything she does. She creates an atmosphere of safety and trust. Working with the group, sometimes I felt a little bit of resistance before we started. But even when I felt that, I knew that I would feel better by the end of our time together.

Elloa is there to allow the person working with her to come to their own space of healing. She creates an environment that is so comforting to be in that it is such a joy to work with her.

Adrianne Laconi
Dear Elloa,

Thank you for an incredibly deep and powerful dive in to my fears and the unknown.

What came up for me was surprising and very emotional. And I felt your embrace as the tears came to the surface for release. I feel more certain about the action that I will now carry out. I also want to thank you for holding the loving embrace of safety. I really felt it!

There is a beauty in the simplicity of the work that you shared with me today, and an incredible power. I’m leaving with a sense of overflowing with joyful abundance.

Cheryl Rozovsky
Elloa’s online presence resonated with me and prompted me to work with her. Her blog, topics, and style of writing were honest and engaging. Working with her was my first online group experience. Through it, I’ve learnt to trust her and the group and to enjoy the actual process rather than be results focused. It’s great to be able to hold myself accountable each week with declarations of action. The group is a genuinely warm and honest online safe space; everyone gets heard and listened to. I now have a deepening belief that this is a friendly universe.
Kirsty Peckham
I decided to engage with Elloa after I took part in one of her Fearless Expression workshops. I knew from the start she was a coach I wanted to learn more from.

Working with Elloa was a beautiful experience even though it was quite tough at times. Elloa has a wonderful skill of asking just the right questions in such a way that really gets to the bones of what is going on.

Since my time with Elloa I have felt so much more positive about who I am and what I mean to myself. I still hear her voice whenever I am feeling a bit negative about myself and I soon feel better.

Elloa has been a vital part of my self development and has taught me great ways to engage with my younger self in order to find peace.

Nicky Long
I was prompted to work with Elloa because of the truthful light shining out of her eyes. But not just that – there is a truthful light that combines with deep study, knowledge of systems, compassionate understanding of what it is to be human, a commitment to deepening her spiritual path and unfolding all the time. I am at a stage where I only want to work with those who have this particular combination of things and Elloa embodies them all.

I experienced being held and seen with love and compassion and clarity at a time when I needed somebody else to sit in uncertainty with me. And I experienced a kindness and a depth of holding I don’t often find.

More than anything, something in me relaxed since my coaching session with Elloa because I felt seen and understood in what I was feeling into for myself. I felt more courageous and more trusting of the process of unfolding that is happening with my work and my message, which is exactly the outcome I hoped for.

Hollie Holden
The coaching process made me aware of the importance of self-expression, leaving space for a creative interaction with the world.

Overall, working with Elloa made me become more responsible towards my actions and life, while another important outcome was to learn how to be my best friend and coach myself. It is definitely an ongoing process that has left a lasting impact on my life.

Hi Elloa

Thank you for the session yesterday and for your generosity of spirit. You skilfully and creatively held the space for me to sink into the stillness and spaciousness I was longing for. I was able to connect with it deeply enough to reignite something inside me.

So, thank you for helping me with this. It has countless implications – known and unknown.

Jenny Katz
The last year of my life has been the hardest I’ve ever experienced. There have been times when I have felt utterly lost, adrift, and in danger of losing hope in all the things I believe(d) in.

Throughout this time, Ell has been with me, holding me close, sitting alongside me, listening intently, and offering the most loving, compassionate and heartfelt support.

As a coach, she is truly gifted – she creates a safe and sacred space in which her clients are seen and held at the deepest levels; she is able to quickly identify the areas and old wounds that need work; and she never shies away from offering hard truths or alternate perspectives – even when they may be unpopular.

Whatever you’re going through, wherever you’re hurting, whatever you yearn to achieve – not a moment you spend with this special lady will be wasted or superfluous.

I’ve been thinking and thinking about what to say about coaching with you, Elloa, and right now I have no words. This in no way lessens or cheapens my time and experience with you. I feel it is probably the opposite.

It is not often I have no words. Something has shifted at such a deep, cellular level. A friend even commented on this. Thank you.

I very much enjoyed my work with Elloa Atkinson. Besides being one of the warmest most compassionate people I have come across in my journey, I noticed a shift in my energy and thought process after just one session with Elloa. This provided me inspiration about how I want to share my experiences in the world.

She is a trained and talented coach with a knack for asking the right questions and providing practical tools to help you on your journey, while providing a safe place for reflection. I would recommend Elloa to anyone looking to grow personally or professionally.

Emily Felt

Testimonial from Zorica Zest, Autumn 2016