Elloa Atkinson and it’s affiliate programs, are a child and family mental health network serving youth and families with emotional, behavioral and mental challenges.

Our mission is to promote holistic, strength-based principles within the human service community. Our goal is to therapeutically support and strengthen youth, families, organizations and communities through the creation of innovative services, products and initiatives.

For 20 twenty years, Elloa Atkinson has helped thousands of Idaho youth and their families through its continuum of community-based treatment services and its holistic, strength-based philosophy of care. Elloa Atkinson recognizes the ever changing needs of communities and continually seeks to meet those needs. In addition to its child placement services and training, Elloa Atkinson offers a Therapeutic Wellness Center. As a consortium of programs, Elloa Atkinson is developing new services, including: adult in-home services, residential, educational & vocational services, and home & emergent healthcare.