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June 2016

MANIFESTO: Victoria Hodder

Last year when I started the Fearless Expression Tribe on Facebook, the hub where people doing the Fearless Expression Challenge could share and connect, I did not anticipate that it would become an incredible hub of vulnerability, creativity and courage. But it did. The women and men in this group [...]

May 2016

The arrogance of believing you don’t matter

(A 7-minute read) A friend said he'd call at 9am one Sunday morning. I held my phone in my hand the whole way round the woodland trail where I was walking Molly to be sure I didn't miss him. This was new behaviour for me; so often in my life, [...]

Struggle with the language in A Course In Miracles? Read this.

"Help! I just can't make sense of it!" (A 6-minute read) Do you struggle with the language in A Course In Miracles? Do the masculine pronouns feel irrelevant? Do you feel triggered by or resistant to all the God/Father/Christ/Son of God/brothers/Holy Spirit stuff? You are definitely not alone!  In [...]

Are you busy? No, not really. Here’s why.

Photo: Alisa Anton via unsplash (A 2-minute read) Since I started working for myself, people often ask me, "Are you busy?" By this I think they mean, how is the business going? Do you have enough work? Is it going okay? They ask this because in our world, [...]

April 2016

What are you teaching?

A 5-minute read The following article was published in a magazine for EFL teachers in 2014. Regardless of whether you are a teacher or not, this message is for you. Teaching Courageously: your invitation to walk the road less travelled Teaching requires courage – especially in the beginning. Each lesson presents a [...]

March 2016

Enough ego crap, more real life: a declaration of intent

A 5 minute read Do you feel it -- that nagging sense of urgency that you have had ENOUGH? Enough of your own excuses and bullshit. Enough resistance and playing small. Enough procrastinating in the sandpit, insisting that you're just not ready for the next step. Enough bullshitting yourself. Be under no doubt: [...]

You don’t know what you want

A 9-minute read In Alcoholics Anonymous, they have a saying: Your best thinking got you here. “Here,” for the people in AA, being rock bottom -- a state of emotional, physical and spiritual bankruptcy. When someone winds up in 12 step recovery, it is usually because, simply put, they’re fucked. [...]

January 2016

Calling all creatives: free giveaway!

1st February 2016 update! And the winner is... Amy O'Toole!! Congratulations Amy :) Hali from Spectrum will be in touch during the week of 1st February 2016 with details for you. To everyone else... thank you so much for playing. You can sign up for Spectrum here. -------- Not only [...]

You’re so intense. Please, tone it down.

A 5-minute read “Sorry for being so intense,” he said. It was nearing the end of our first conversation. The comment stuck out like a sore thumb in what had been a stimulating, free-flowing and delightful interaction. We met in a bar, he with his partner, and Nige and I. [...]

November 2015

An epic reading list

Reading. One of my first and most enduring loves. Except that for a while, I totally abandoned it. I abandoned the kind of reading that took me into other people's worlds and lives as a kid - the kind that lit up my imagination - for an altogether different type [...]