Signs and causes of jealousy in siblings

Jealously are the very common thing that every human being will have on others. Especially you can see the jealousy between the kids when they playing or doing something. But when it comes to jealousy among siblings it is common but you have to try to prevent them when it starts in their childhood.

When the jealousy comes out of its limits it leads to the long-term problems that raise in the kids, but when it is not addressed properly it leads to the extreme level of jealously and at this stage, they do even know what they are doing it is one of the extreme stages.

This may also affect their mental health so it is very important to provide attention to your jealousy siblings.

Sibling jealousy

Usually, the first child quickly gets adjusted with their siblings. It is unavoidable but the quantity and the quality of interaction between the first child and the parents when reduced after the arrival of a new child into the family.

jealousy in siblings

That is the precursor for the jealousy in the older one, the older child feels that they are getting displaced within their family as a result of this the older one started to hurt the new child because of lacking their parent’s attention to them. As growing with this anger you may notice the signs of sibling jealousy in your older child.

Signs of jealousy

When you notice the sign of jealousy in your child you have to properly address them and treat them. It is easy when you notice it in their starting stage, with spending time with them you can divert their mind from jealousy.

The jealousy is the root of the sibling’s fights and the signs of jealousy include a change in behavior, mood swings, the problem with eating and sleeping and in some children, their toilet routines and habits also get altered.

signs of jealousy

Parents should aware about the hurtful behavior of the older child with their new siblings because they may do unkind things to the new one that is physical disturbance like pinching, poking, etc. this is the time you should take your older child for the professional counseling to restore them from developing the psychological problems.

Final thoughts

Find the causes jealousy between siblings and try to rectify it. Give some time for your older one after your new child’s arrival it will help them to get attach to their siblings.