Can you stop grandparents seeing their grandchildren?


Grandparents will think about their grandchildren as their life. They have a lot of rights towards their grandchildren. In the past times, the grandchildren will run to their grandparent’s homes and play a lot of games, they will provide their children with a lot of healthy foods and the main thing is that you will become fat when you return to your home.

There are laws like grandparents’ rights to see grandchildren without anybody’s restriction. If the parent of the child does not allow their kids to visit grandparents, then the grandparents will have the rights to take the court to meet their grandchildren. There are some of the ways to do that to know about it keep reading.

Are there possibilities for the grandparent to apply the form in court?

  • The rights for grandparents are limited but there are possibilities for them to apply for the contact orders. If you fill them the court will consider some of them they will mainly consider:
  • The connection with the child
  • Whether the purpose of application they have filled with be harmful to the children

When you are legally moving a case it is very difficult to prevent the meeting of grandparents with their grandchildren.

Factually saying the grandparents will have legal rights to stay with their grandchildren, if both sides are objecting to their relationship, the legal adviser will ask about both the side opinion and they will ask them to put forward their evidence before making a judgment. The court will give more importance to the feelings of the child than anything else.

Grandparent visitation:

If the court gives the grandparents like they can visit their grandchildren and even after that the parent does not allow them, in that case, the grandparent can file a complaint to meet their grandchildren.


The grandparents who don’t see their grandchildren can take steps to visit their grandchildren without any type of restriction.

The parents should explain to the court in an explanative way about why they do not allow their children to their grandchildren. If the reason they provide is acceptable then the court can change their decision. If the reason given by the grandparents is acceptable then the court will not stop grandparents seeing grandchildren.

Final thoughts:

Making the grandparents stay away from their grandchildren will be an injustice thing. You must allow them to play their role in the life of grandchildren. So make them feel comfortable during the last stage.